What is estrangement?

Most of us are affected, and don't even realize it...

Family estrangement is the loss of a previously existing relationship between family members, through physical and/or emotional distancing, often to the extent that there is minimal or no communication between the individuals involved for a prolonged period.

Many people are estranged, without even realizing it!

Estrangement may result from the direct interactions between those affected, including violence, abuse, neglect, misbehavior such as repetitive explosive outbursts or intense conflict and disagreements, differing values and beliefs, disappointment, poor communication, or many other factors.

If you think you might be dealing with estrangement, you can reach out to us for information about how to figure things out. You are not alone!

We're not therapists but we can put you in touch with support and resources.

Current Episode:

"Things Will Get Different"

Alexander Desmarais had a childhood too painful for most of us to imagine. Despite that, he's developed an outlook that is both healthy and inspiring. One thing that really stuck out was his message that, "even if things don't get better, they will get different." He taught us that no matter how bad our situation, it's as impermanent as we're willing to do the work to make it.

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Featured Episodes

While every guest brings value to the show, we like to feature the stories that are in line with where we're at mentally and conversationally. Family estrangement is an ever-changing landscape of challenges and feelings. These episodes are a reflection of the current positions of the hosts, and recent feedback from listeners.

"If I Could Turn Back Time"

Kreed Revere shares the story of how estrangement from her daughters forced her to embark on a courageous journey of transformation.

Kreed is one of only two estranged parents who have shared their stories on the podcast.

"Dying Out Loud"

Dave Warnock shares his story of de-conversion, estrangement and his fatal ALS diagnosis. Dave shares with us the importance of living our best life even while estranged and living with a debilitating and fatal disease.

Upcoming Episode

We've already recorded some great conversations with new guests who shared from their own experiences with estrangement. Every time we think we've heard it all, our next guest shows us how much more there is to learn! Make sure to follow us on social media so you don't miss any new episodes!

Unlucky Sperm Club

Nelson Tressler, author of The Unlucky Sperm Club, shares his dramatic story, and encourages us to live our best lives, instead of using our hurts and disadvantages as excuses.

His message is one that everyone should take to heart.

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